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SAD NEWS! The lady pictured above is “Jessica Davies” she is a 16-year-old high school student that died after collapsing during an exam. Doctor’s still do not know the cause of her death….click to read more

According to Mirror :  Her family has spoken of their heartbreaking loss.

Brian Buckley, Jessica Davies’s dad, is too upset to talk about the tragedy but his sister Julie Darlington, the teen’s aunt, said he was ‘lost without her.’

She revealed that the last time he spoke to her was when he took her to school that day. By the time he heard about her collapse and got to the hospital she was already unconscious.

Jessica suffered a series of seizures and was placed in a medically-induced coma but passed away on March 23.

The family say doctors still do not know what caused her death.

Ms Darlington, 42, told the Liverpool Echo : “Her dad took her to school on March 11, but never spoke to her again.

“By the time he got to hospital, she was already unconscious.

“I work at St Cuthbert’s, so it’s hard for me as I was only speaking to her at break time the day before she got ill.

“Brian adored Jessica, they had a special bond. When she was younger, he took her on his motorbike, riding across the fields.”

Ms Darlington from Parr, added: “Jessica was beautiful, she was a proper daddy’s girl.

“Brian is lost without her. Up to 18 months ago, her personality completely changed.

“She used to be shy, at the back of the group, and didn’t like her photo being taken.

“But suddenly that changed, and she was posing for selfies. She went from one extreme to the other.”

Jessica had three half brothers – McKenzie, 12, Brandon, 11, Billy, eight, and half-sister Bella Rose, aged one – along with an older brother David, 23, and her sister Amanda, 24.


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