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Ekene Peter Okwuazu, 24, has been declared wanted by the police for absconding with a N2m belonging to his boss and benefactor, Tony Nsiamuna, in October, 2015. The journey of Nsiamuna and Okwuazu started in 2014, when he discovered they were from the same state, Delta. Click to read more 
Moved by compassion, coupled with plea from his wife, he agreed to assist Okwuazu with a surgery of a turmoil in his mouth. After taking him to the hospital where the tumour was surgically removed and his health restored, him and his wife decided to employ him in their cold room because his guardian had passed away.

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But on October 26, 2015, he was sent to a bank to make a deposit of N1, 994.000 and he absconded with the money. Preliminary investigation showed that he had conceived the act long ago, as he registered his SIM card with a fake name, address and the photograph of another person…. Meanwhile, Nsiamuna is currently looking for another person to help….


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