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As you know black don’t crack! Daisy Belle Ward celebrates her 25th birthday as a leap day baby….Click continue to read more appeared in her Sunday finest for her birthday party this past weekend, reports CBS News contributor Jamie Wax. She was born on Feb. 29, 1916 making her America’s oldest-living “leap baby.”

The bash, complete with an 80-piece marching band, was a celebration of her 100 years — or, according to the calendar, her 25th birthday. Ward seemed to embrace the latter.

But why does Ward’s birthday only come around once every four years? We decided it might be best to consult an expert, starting with theoretical physicist Michio Kaku.

“Mother Nature has a sense of humor. She did not make a simple calendar so that when you go around the sun, it’s 365 days. That’s what we learned in school, right? Oh no,” Kaku explained. “Mother Nature made it so that every 365 days plus 5 hours, 49 minutes and a few odd seconds. That means that every year, we have to compensate for one quarter of a day. So after four years, we have to add one more day.”


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