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Sulaiman Abba, the storekeeper in the Arabic Teachers College (ATC) IDP camp, Maiduguri, Borno state, was caught with foodstuffs meant for IDPs in the boot of his car as he was attempting to smuggle them out of the camp. Upon interrogation by members of the Taskforce, he said he was a staff of Askira Uba LGA. Click to read more……

Two bags of rice, one bag of flour and two bags of sugar were found in the boot of his car. Two members of the Civilian JTF in the camp who assisted in the arrest said Sulaiman Abba had been indulging in the act for quite some time now, stealing their foodstuffs on a daily basis. .

The Chairman of the Independent Taskforce on Monitoring of Feeding of IDPs, Dr Bulama Mali Gubio mni, expressed his displeasure over the incidence. He said anyone stealing food meant for orphans and vulnerable in the society especially food meant for IDPs, is no different from an armed robber.


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