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Faye is a 2-year-old toddler died from meningitis. Her parents shared horrific photos of her fighting for her life to raise awareness of the illness. click to read more 
Faye Burdett, 2, battled the vicious condition for 11 days before her tiny body succumbed to it.
Now her parents are sharing their tragic story in a bid to prevent other families going through the same ordeal.
They are also calling for the Meningitis B vaccine given to all children – not just babies – to prevent the most deadly form of meningitis claiming more lives.

The family, from Maidstone, Kent, first became aware something was wrong when Faye developed a rash on her forehead at the start of the month.

When it failed to go away her worried parents, Jenny and Neil, took her to A&E.
Now desperately ill, she was immediately transferred to the Evelina Children’s Hospital in London.
‘Her heart stopped in the ambulance and medics spent hours working on stabilising her,’ said Mrs Burdett.
‘We were given a one per cent survival chance but she proved them wrong and carried on fighting.’

As the days went by it appeared Faye’s health was improving. But tragically, she succumbed to a common complication associated with meningitis B – blood poisoning, or sepsis.
The infection rapidly took over her fragile body, leaving her heartbroken parents with no option but to agree to her leg and arm being amputated.
Blood poisoning causes the blood’s clotting mechanism to go into overdrive and cause blockages inside the blood vessels.
Oxygen and vital nutrients can’t get to the body’s tissues, causing them to die.
For some people, amputations are limited to fingers or toes, while others may need their hands, feet, and even arms or legs amputated. Via Dailymail

‘Faye was getting tired, her little body consumed by meningitis and sepsis.’
It was then that the couple had to make the most agonising decision of their lives.
‘We had to make the decision – either a massive operation which she could die from, or let her go peacefully of her own accord.
‘We decided the latter and then watched our little girl slip away.
‘At 9pm on February 14th she finally fell asleep forever. All this in only 11 days.’
The couple are now desperate to raise awareness of the deadly condition and are campaigning for all children to be given the Meningitis B vaccine – not just newborn babies.
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